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About SEM

Al Saggaf for E-Marketing Consultants (S4EM), Established in 2001, leader in Digital Marketing Strategies and Consultancy Services sector.
Since its inception, Al Saggaf for E-Marketing Consultants has been involved in partnering with vital governmental entities as well as enterprises in Consumer Goods, Communication and Information Technologies, being part of a massive overhaul in digital media, marketing and promotional campaigns and events.

Al Saggaf for E-Marketing Consultants has different clienteles that expand to government, enterprises, and NGO’s, partaking in the initiatives that developed further their corporate branding and electronic presence, marking a lasting fingerprint in all their campaigns and corporate roadmaps. The many services provided include web portal and e-commerce development, business strategy market-based research and consultancy, corporate branding and identity, and loyalty programs that secure increased corporate client counts.

What we offer

Marketing consultancy

We help you create a detailed marketing plan, determine your business’s message and identify the suitable marketing approach to spread it out.

Direct marketing services

We help you build lasting relationships with new clients, increase sales, test the appeal of your product or service, and provide customers with compelling content that you can share with potential customers.

Information Technology

The ICT sector connects people to jobs. Online employment markets are now helping nearly 12 million people find jobs by connecting them with employers around the world.